What is ZAP IN?

ZAP IN was the original iPad-based visitor management system. Founded in 2010, ZAP IN was originally just named “Sign In,” which inadvertently gives you an idea of just how early we were trailblazing the industry. At this time, the software was much simpler; essentially just a digital version of a simple visitor logbook. In 2013, we landed on the name “ZAP IN” and continued to set the example for others in the industry to follow. 

As the year’s pass, ZAP IN has been releasing features consistently in an effort to continue to push the boundaries of what consumers believe to be possible within their visitor management system. We were, and still are, the only visitor management system to offer unlimited contacts, unlimited check-ins, and unlimited notifications in not payment plans. While others try to capitalize off these parameters, ZAP IN understands that our users shouldn’t have to worry about their daily micro-tallies, they should be able to focus fully on completing their core tasks. 

Best for

Arrival Notification Email’s & Lobby Chat

ZAP IN sends arrival notification emails alerting you that your visitor has arrived. Also included in the email is the ability to Lobby Chat – video call, voice call, or text chat with your visitor in the lobby. Keep in mind, notifications via SMS text are also available in conjunction with emails or as a replacement.

Privacy for you and your visitors

An old-fashioned check-in system allows you to see who has visited before you. ZAP IN makes visitor information legible and searchable for the admin, while completely inaccessible to other visitors. Not only are you saving paper, but you are also ensuring visitor privacy and preventing internal information from being released.


 – Completely design the welcome screen message, font style, and color of your check-in system.

 – Choose which information you collect from each visitor.

 – Play a slideshow to display your own product photos or logos.

 – Add your logo to your Badges for every visitor​.

 – Completely customize the script of your Voice AI, and choose what language it speaks.

 – Customize the text within the “SIGN IN” and “SIGN OUT” buttons

​ – Upload your own Visitor Type icons, or use one of ZAP IN’s default icons to be displayed on the dashboard

Visitor Agreements (NDA’s & Legal Agreements)

Upon sign in and/or sign out, ZAP IN presents your customized access-to-premises agreement. Typically, these are NDA’s or liability waivers, however, this feature will let you enter any custom agreement. Agreements can directly display videos and/or diagrams for safety training compliance. During COVID-19, this is a crucial Workplace Health Screening Feature. 


SMS Text – Arrival Notifications

Get notified via text message when your visitor arrives. Arrival notifications are sent the way you prefer. Whether it be email, text, or both, it is fast and efficient.

Badges & Printers

ZAP IN’s sign-in software includes an integrated printer driver for fully automated printing without visitor intervention. The badges fly out quickly and are ready to be worn instantly on adhesive labels.

Badges display :  The current date, visitor’s name, visitor’s company, the type of visitor, and your logo in the top left. If photo capture is active, their photo will be displayed below your logo as well.

Voice AI

ZAP IN’s sign-in software comes with a fully autonomous Voice AI assistant that walks your visitor through the check-in system. Also, your visitors can speak their information into the app as opposed to typing it in manually. Every aspect of your Voice AI assistant’s script can be completely customized; give visitors warm greetings, important facility information or notify them of ongoing promotions. You can even set multiple scripts for the same step, and ZAP IN will randomly use each one to prevent the script from getting repetitive. Also, you have the choice of a male or female voice and various accents to feel more at home.

Returning Visitor Recognition

Repeat visitors don’t have to enter the same data with each visit. ZAP IN remembers them and auto-fills their info – resulting in a faster sign-in experience. Perfect for employee sign-in. This feature can be disabled if you prefer for visitors to enter their information with each sign-in.

Offline Mode

Sometimes your WiFi goes down without reason, it happens. That’s no problem – ZAP IN will automatically switch to Offline Mode and run like normal, your visitor won’t even notice a difference.  When the WiFi comes back,  ZAP IN will synchronize your visitor records and your dashboard will accurately reflect your day’s activity.

Emergency Mode + Safety Compliance

ZAP IN’s Emergency Mode can be activated by the dashboard and on the iPad. Emergency Mode transitions your dashboard to a real-time roll-call tool, while the iPads display emergency messaging. Fire and police emergency personnel will always ask how many people remain on-premises, and with ZAP IN you are able to help effectively and quickly.

LDAP / Active Directory

Sync your employee names and their corresponding emails to the “Arrival Notification Email” list through the LDAP feature. Ideal for importing a large volume of employees or contacts at one time. LDAP / Active Directory sync lets you import or update employee profile information including staff pictures.

Reports & Data Export

The ability to view or email reports in a clear PDF format. A powerful search feature to allow reports by any date range, no matter how long it has been since the sign-in. Option to export data in .CSV file format or directly to Apple Contacts. Full subscription includes Report Attendant to automatically send your report or data file on any prescribed date frequency (ie: daily, weekly or monthly).

Multiple Locations, Multiple Tablets

Multiple doors? Numerous areas to access or leave through?

ZAP IN’s visitor management software communicates with our secure ZAP IN Cloud allowing all of your tablets to sync to the same data. Have a visitor sign in at the main entrance and sign out at another exit seamlessly.

Unattended Mode

 ZAP IN has a “Ring Bell for Service” feature which can display a series of express buttons;

  • Courier

  • My First Day

  • Can I Speak to Someone

  • Apply For Job / Job Interview

  • Student Pick Up

  • Please Help Me

Express buttons are large graphics that send notifications (email and/or SMS text) to the appropriate contact(s).

Centralized Dashboard

The Dashboard works in conjunction with the app, giving you a centralized view of all your controls and your traffic. Control all of your tablets and see your visitor data in aggregate of all iPads or pinpoint the traffic from just one. This dashboard is flexible, intuitive, and easy to use.

Photo Capture & Signature Capture

ZAP IN captures your visitor’s signature right on the touch screen! Signatures are time and date stamped. The tablet’s built-in camera can take a photo of each of your visitors. Badges will not only show their name, company of the visitor, visitor type, but their photo as well. Each photo is time and date stamped and stored with the visitor’s record if verification is ever required.

Follow-up Emails

Automatically send your visitors an email thanking them for their visit, or send promotional content. Follow-up emails can be configured in many ways. Send emails 5 minutes after guests sign in, or maybe an hour after they sign out, the possibilities are endless.

Auto Reports

Create a report and choose your time frame: daily, weekly or monthly. ZAP IN will do the rest. Reports can be automatically emailed to single or multiple users on any schedule you would like. This is a key feature that helps streamline your internal workflows.

Visitor Types

This flexible feature allows you to set up different visitor profiles, each with its own unique sign-in requirements. For example, you can set Contractors with a custom certification input field, and interns with signature capture to prevent buddy-punching. This feature also includes Pre-Authorized Mode — which requires visitors to match your list of approved entrants.

Secure Clouded Servers & Encrypted Data

We understand that security and privacy are some of the main reasons you’re most likely considering ZAP IN. For this reason, we use the highest possible level of modern clouded server infrastructure available: Protected with SSL (256 bit) encryption protocols, 2-factor authentication (Bank-industry level), and sophisticated password administration (Hash Standard PBKDF2).

ZAP IN For Multi-Tenant Buildings

It’s common to share reception with other businesses, this is not a problem for ZAP IN.  This feature allows you to add different business units each with its own sign-in requirements and each with its own employee sign-in / member directory. Upon signing in, visitors will be prompted to select which business they are here for, and the appropriate arrival notification will be sent. 


ZAP IN supports Unicode, allowing our user interface to be translated into any language. International characters are supported so visitors can enter their names in any language. ZAP IN has custom field labels which allow you to ask anything you like prior to sign-in, in any language you like. 

Time Tracking for Employees

It’s a modern punch clock! Employee sign-in tracking, with tallied hours. Employee records are displayed on the visitor list but are highlighted blue in order to differentiate from a visitor. Also, the ability to view reports sorted by visitors of any subgroup (i.e. contractors, employees, VIPs) listing their sign-in/out date and times.

Parking Enforcement

Parking/Vehicle information can be captured via the Custom Fields function, the detail of which you control. Perhaps you just want license plate numbers. Maybe you want to make, model, color, and location in the parking lot. Whatever the degree of information, it will be automatically sent to the recipients of your choosing after each sign-in. 

Sign Out Options

Ideal for businesses that remain open overnight, or have employees on the clock longer than 24 hours. Allows you to change how ZAP IN recognizes entrants – by the first letter, by the first name, by full name, etc… Also provides an option to remove the sign-out button and for enabling multi-day visits with a manual counter wheel reset.

Pricing Overview

ZAP IN pricing starts at $49.00 per month. There is a free version. ZAP IN offers a free trial.

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