What is Vizitor

It is Touchless Visitor Management System that Protects your employees and workplace in the first place. Touchless check-ins will be the future of modern offices. With Vizitor both employees & guests can check in safely, reducing the risk of infections.

Best for

Contactless Check-in

Vizitor provides you with a contactless check-in system for your visitors to help them check in with the help of their mobile phones.

Value for money

Vizitor is a very economical and easy to maintains the product to help you manage your visitors. We have a dedicated team of experts to assist you with any problem you run into with our software.


Vizitor can be completely customized based on your requirement. Either that’s a wellness questionnaire or a pre-registration form.


  • Scale and automate your Visitor Check-In Process

Leverage a comprehensive array of Visitor Management System features to help you streamline and ease your Visitor check-in process.

  • Check-in unlimited visitors

With Visitor, you can welcome your guests in the most professional smart, and digital way.

  • Customized Registration Process

Hosts can customize the registration process completely to suit your business needs.

  • Already here

Once your guests have signed in with Vizitor, they won’t have to put in their details again, they can simply check-in by putting in their registered contact number or email id.

  • Collaborate smartly

  • Branding

Leave a mark on your visitors with your brand logo displayed on the home screen with a greeting message for your guests.

  • Badge printing

A customized badge will help you recognize your guests easily. A customized badge can be printed with required details upon their registration.

  • Host notifications

Hosts receive a notification on their mobile devices every time their guests check in. Which simply solves the mystery of time-consuming coordination.

  • Boost your performance with analytics

  • Real-time visitor log

You can measure performance metrics in real-time with a live visitor log that is always up to date and displays every single detail of your guests in a single tap.

  • Real-time dashboard analysis

The Visitor record gets stored and can be monitored through a real-time dashboard accessible only to the admin.

  • Compare data and useful insights

With Vizitor you can easily drive resourceful insights about the footfall of customers every month or monitor growth by analyzing customer patterns.

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