VersionX EntryPoint

What is VersionX EntryPoint?

A smart visitor management system for efficient and secure visitor operations. It’s a QR code and Facial recognition-based touchless system to make your visitor lobby COVID safe and hygenic. A visitor self-service kiosk makes your reception operations hassle-free and independent. EntryPoint visitor management system easily integrates with access control hardware and parking systems. You get real-time visitor reports and analytics. Manage multiple entry points & locations from a centralized dashboard. Highly customizable, our visitor software is used across corporate, factory, schools, residential apartments, hospitals, hotels, events, business, office, and many more businesses.

Best For

  • A face recognition-based visitor management system.
  • Integrates with access control & parking management system.
  • QR-code-based e-passes for touchless visitor operations.
  • Custom visitor slips self-generated by the printer.
  • Pre-appointment e-pass for seamless entry of guests.
  • A Variety Of Instant Visitor Gate Passes For Quick Visitor Service & Efficient Operation.


Real-Time Alerts

All visitor operations in EntryPoint VMS take place in real-time. Get notifications & alerts about visitor entry & exit, appointments, staff attendance, access to on-the-ground issues.

Instant Gate Passes

Opt for instant self-generating passes for different visitor scenarios. QR code-based, paper visitor pass, ePass, or access card solutions. Custom validity for each type of pass can be pre-set in the visitor dashboard.

Works Offline

EntryPoint Visitor Management Software is cloud-based. But it works even when the system is offline without hindering any visitor operation. All data automatically syncs on re-connection.

Emergency Notifications

Our visitor software offers high efficiency with maximum security. You can manage multiple gates and locations from a single system. Your admin or security team can broadcast emergency messages and alerts to all your employees or residents when needed.

Access Control Integration

EntryPoint VMS is an advanced visitor software that seamlessly integrates with any type of access control system and hardware such as boom barriers, turnstiles, flap gates, doors, and elevators. This positions us well to also manage your parking system.

Central Dashboard

The visitor dashboard is where the authorized admin takes most operations-related actions. The brain of the system, provides all visitor-related data – reports & trends anytime, anywhere. Helps in quick and effective decision-making. 

Data Privacy

Our visitor software is foolproof. We take data privacy seriously and guarantee that all data is safe and secure with us.

Manage Multiple Locations

Manage multiple branches and locations from a central dashboard, with a customizable dashboard for each branch.

Calendar Integration

Our visitor management system easily integrates with Google Calendar to help accomplish various tasks with ease & flexibility.

Attendance Manager

Our visitor management system records the time logs of all staff – permanent, temporary, or contractual – and also provides attendance reports.


A visitor self-kiosk helps visitors self-check-in. This makes both visitors and reception independent and hassle-free without compromising security.

Violation Monitoring & Alerts

Keep your premises secure by avoiding misuse of premises, overstay, & unwanted loitering.

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