What is VAMS?

VAMS (Visitor Authentication & Management Systems)comes with the best corporate solution to ensure efficient, secure, and quick visitor processing. It is the process of tracking and keeping records of everyone who enters and exits the office premises. In today’s competitive business landscape, the Visitor Authentication & Management Systems for office offers the competitive edge to companies by increasing productivity, saving cost and time, generating helpful reports, relieving receptionists from Person Nearest the Door Syndrome, etc. Office security is very crucial for every company nowadays as it can be the victim of harm any time by any unauthorized individual intentionally or unintentionally. An efficient VAMS secures organizational resources, infrastructure, and business-critical information. VAMS can help companies combating challenges related to information security, emergency evacuation plans, visitor privacy, and regulatory compliances.


Visitor Authentication

Visitor Authentication is the process of cost-effective, two factors, and web-based Visitor Authentication & Management Systems designed to secure your system and premise from fraudulent visitors.


Visitor management software for Kiosk is the system and user interface software designed to offer remote monitoring and controlling user interactions, activities from another location.

Favorite Frequent Visitors

Favorite frequent visitors are those who visit your premise very often and monitoring them becomes easy by providing a unique verification badge for regular visitors.


Visitor Authentication & Management System for Tablet, Laptop and Desktop are compatible with multiple devices and stores visitor data digitally on the cloud for prompt access.

Host & Visitor Mobile Apps

Host and Visitor Mobile Apps are the Visitor Authentication & Management System for Android and iOS Apps that come with the solution for tracking and monitoring visitors.

Pre-appointment Scheduling

Pre-appointment scheduling is the cloud-based appointment scheduling software for corporates and commercials that allows business owners or individuals to manage their appointments and pre-appointments online.

Active Directory Integration

Active directory integration is the process of managing users that controls access to basic IT services like email and file sharing using a drop-down menu in visitor management.

Customizable Visitor Entry Pass

A customizable visitor entry pass is an advanced option that creates an access pass for the visitor management system with visitor name, photograph, contact details, etc. in a customized process.

Contractor Module Integration

Contractor Module Integration helps to manage compliance information for contractors and other construction documentation and allows pre-printed passes for contractors working on your premises.

Pricing Overview

They do not have a free version.VAMS offers a free trial.

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