Singu Guestbook

What is Singu Guestbook?

Singu Guestbook is an innovative way to welcome your visitors. It is a complete Visitor management solution to upgrade the traditional visitor sign-in system. Bring peace of mind to real estate owners, building managers, employees, tenants, and other stakeholders as visitors are treated promptly and professionally. Improve security and overall guest experience via one inclusive app.

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The Innovative Visitor Management Software For Forward-Thinking Companies. Digital, automated sign-in system to handle all your guests.

Streamlined Self Check-in

Mobile Check-in

Meeting invitations contain QR codes that make registration quicker than ever. Guests can display them on their mobile phones and scan them via the iPad self-station. This automatically registers them based on their personal information contained in the invitation.

Multitenant Support

Customize the virtual receptionist kiosk by adding an unlimited number of company logos to the interface. This boosts brand awareness and makes registration easy for guests.

Specify Your Host

This is an easy way for guests to find the host from the company they’re visiting. After picking the company, the visitor starts writing the host’s name on the iPad, selects it when it appears on the list, and continues with registration.

Photo Capturing

Access to data empowers you. Take photos of visitors for security reasons. The historical data provides images of all past guests that can be used in case of an incident. Also enable faster registration in the future while creating a friendlier environment when employees recognize visitors based on the collected images.



Register visitors, either a single guest or a group, in advance and send them a branded email or SMS notification that tells them everything they need to know about their upcoming meeting.

Mobile Invitation

Impress guests even before they arrive! The branded mobile invitation contains all relevant meeting information like parking tips, Wi-Fi access while the QR code automates the check-in process, opens turnstiles, and much more. Customize invitations on the visitor software settings to suit your needs.

Touchless Check-In

Using their mobile device, visitors provide all the information needed to complete check-in. No logbooks, touchscreens, or superfluous contact with staff — a quicker, more efficient, and safer way to handle reception, especially during a pandemic.

Visitor Badges

Print a new custom visitor’s badge within seconds after checking in to comply with security measures in your premises. It contains guest information and a QR code to assist with access throughout the premises ensuring transparency and accuracy of visitor data during their visit.

Data Collection

The Singu Guestbook visitor registration software is all about making it easy for users as well as protecting your interests. All the data about sites’ visitors are saved and kept secure. Property managers and tenants determine what data to collect and how you want to utilize it to your benefit.

Data Analytics & Visualization

You stay in control of what’s going on inside your building thanks to the user-friendly dashboard designed especially for reception staff, managers, and security personnel. Real-time data with visual representation about analyzed data such as guest flow is always on hand. Reports are easy to retrieve and understand.

Reception Panel for Front Desk Employees

With the sign-in and out system, the reception staff has access to all visitors’ data to check who and when entered the building, collect signed NDAs, or manually register their visits.

Pricing Overview

They do not have a free version. Singu Guestbook does not offer a free trial

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