What is PassagePoint

PassagePoint Global is the most scalable visitor management solution available and offers extensive customization, integration, and configuration capabilities that make it easy to deploy a global visitor management solution. PassagePoint Global is an on-premise solution that includes visitor pre-registration, security, and background checks, automated email/SMTP notifications, badge printing, reporting, and audit trail capabilities.

Best for

Improved Efficiency
  • Capture detailed visitor information accurately and automatically within seconds.
  • Print custom badges based on visitor category, a destination in the facility, or duration in the facility.
  • Use internal watchlist capabilities to ensure all watchlist visitors are handled properly when arriving on-site.
Enhanced Security
  • Ensure visitors are in the appropriate area of your facility.
  • Send automatic notifications to hosts on visitor arrivals to ensure proper escort protocols.
  • Screen visitors based on an internal watchlist and screen against the National Sex Offender Registry and the Government Restricted and Denied Parties list for an extra level of security.
Streamlined Registration
  • Implement self-service visitor registration options and automated sign-in policies.
  • Setup pre-registration via the Web so visitors receive check-in directions, parking details, and important documents prior to entering the facility.
  • Install self-service check-in kiosks to keep the flow of visitors moving and freeing front-desk personnel to handle more pressing issues.
  • Configure the system to offer repeat visitors the option to skip the sign-in process by pulling information from past visits.
  • Control operations from a centralized location, customize screens and lists and implement the solution in English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Simplified Chinese
  • Integrate PassagePoint Global with the leading Access Control Systems to grant temporary credentials to your visitors.
  • Support growing business needs by assigning customized data retention policies and granting permissions based on each individual user.
  • Access customized reports and export and print for detailed analysis.



  • Access control
  • Directory link
  • Web Pre-registration
  • HL7
  • Sex offender search
  • Enterprise control center
  • Employee Pre-entry health survey
  • Visitor pre-entry health survey
  • Feverwarn temperature screening integration
  • Designated caregiver
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Advanced package tracking
  • Rest API
  • Visual Compliance Integration
  • MK Data Integration

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