What is Lobbytrack?

Lobbytrack is a simple visitor management software to manage, track and report on the visitors to your facility. The ability to register visitors and have them check themselves in can allow your office front desk to dramatically reduce our manpower costs for security personnel. Lobbytrack software enables you to automate the visitor sign-in process and secure the building with check-in stations and ID badges.

Best For

Pre-Register Visitors

Pre-Register Online

Front desk staff or employees with access to Lobbytrack online visitor management portal can pre-register visitors before they arrive. A calendar invites with visit details can be sent to the host as well as the visitor.

Pre-Register Using Employee App

Employees can pre-register their own visits with a few clicks via Lobbytrack Employee App. Added visits become immediately available on the Lobbytrack Lobby App running at the front desk.

Pre-Register Using Lobby App

Receptionists, admin staff, or even visitors themselves can pre-register visits with a few clicks via Lobbytrack Lobby App.

Manage Visit Schedule

Employees can view a list of pre-registered visitors on the web via Lobbytrack online visitor management portal or on their phone running Lobbytrack Employee App. The host can make changes to or cancel any scheduled visits with just one simple click.


Pre-Register Visitors

Employees can pre-register their visitors online before they arrive via Lobbytrack web-based online system, Lobbytrack Lobby App, or Lobbytrack Employee App. When the visitor arrives on-site, they can quickly sign in using the Lobbytrack Lobby App.

Ask Screening Questions

Present visitor with a set of simple yes/no health, safety, or compliance questions. Pre-define acceptable responses and only allow visitors to proceed with sign-in if they meet the screening criteria. Alert lobby staff when a visitor fails to meet admission requirements.

Register Visitors On Arrival

If a visitor has not been registered in advance, you may register them when they arrive. Lobbytrack visitor registration software can auto-populate visitor records if a visitor has visited the facility in the past.

Send Visit Confirmation

Send a visit confirmation email to pre-registered visitors with visit details including directions and sign-in procedures.

Self Sign In Visitors

Set up a tablet in your office and allow visitors to sign themselves in using the free Lobbytrack Lobby App. You can also use the same device for signing visitors out.

Sign Visit Agreements

Draft your own agreements or NDAs and require visitors to accept them before signing in. You can personalize the agreements by populating the form with visitor and meeting information.

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