What is Lobbipad?

Lobbipad makes it easy for your organization to professionally manage visitor flow by providing a fast and secure way for visitors to check in, even if the receptionist is out of the office or away from the desk.

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Smooth iPad check-in

Visitors simply walk up to a self-service iPad (securely mounted on a stand) and enter the appropriate information — such as their name, company, email address, and the name of the person or department they are visiting — and Lobbipad automatically takes care of the rest. Whether your iPad is online or offline, Lobbipad provides a seamless and consistent check-in experience for everyone who walks through your door.

Instant host notification

As soon as a visitor has completed the Lobbipad check-in process, the designated host is instantly notified via text message (SMS), email, or on MS Teams/Slack. Instant Host Notification makes it easy to stay focused and productive throughout the workday, regardless of where your work may take you. Now, there’s no need to sit and wait by the phone for the receptionist to alert you that your visitor has arrived. Lobbipad also sends a photo of your visitor so you know who they are and can provide a warm, personal greeting. And, your visitors are afforded peace of mind because they know that you are on your way to greet them.

Visitor badge

Visitors are also easily identified by Lobbipad’s customizable, personalized badges. After each visitor has completed the check-in process, Lobbipad securely transmits their information to a wireless printer and instantly generates a high-quality, temporary badge that visitors can wear for the duration of their visit. These badges can include the visitor’s name, company, your organization’s logo, and the name of the person or department serving as the visitor’s host.


Lobbipad makes it easy for employees to pre-register their visitors online. Using a customized link directed to a secure site personalized just for your organization, employees can enter their visitors’ contact information and arrival date/time so the reception can be prepared in advance.

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