Facilitron Facility Management

What is Facilitron

Managing facility operations and event schedules can be a difficult task, but especially so if you are using outdated software, juggling spreadsheets, or even using old-fashioned pen-and-paper. Entering facility reservations into these inefficient systems is tedious, leaves too much room for human error, and makes relevant real-time data reporting difficult, if not impossible. These problems are compounded when managing multiple locations across a county or state, such as with public space owners like cities and school districts.

However, with Facilitron’s facility management platform you can:

  • Automate scheduling and reservation requests–for both internal users and external organizations.
  • Track and understand the cost of maintaining your facilities.
  • Bring transparency and visibility into facility use through our centralized platform and data control center.
  • Centralize communications and make data accessible to administrative and operational staff.
  • Schedule facility services and maintenance tasks.

Best for

Event Scheduling & Reservations

Effectively managing event schedules and reservation requests for frequently used spaces can be tedious—Facilitron makes it easy. The core of the Facilitron platform is our event scheduling and reservation system. Using our system, administrators can easily manage buildings, fields, gyms, pools, auditoriums, meeting or conference rooms, and other spaces available to the community and internal staff.

Reporting & Analytics

Data-driven decision-making is transforming the way facility owners operate. Facilitron collects and organizes important facility use data in one place at no cost to users. Facility owners, such as cities and public schools, have seen a significant increase in recovery cost revenue while administrators have greatly improved efficiency and cut administrative costs by 75% or more annually.

Work Order Management

Facilitron’s work management system is an easy-to-use web-based work management solution that organizes and manages all scheduled and unplanned maintenance and repairs. Best of all, the system automates maintenance requests associated with events scheduled through Facilitron’s core scheduling and reservations system to provide a truly integrated event scheduling and maintenance platform.


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