What is dwellingLIVE?

dwellingLIVE is a fully unified, web-based security platform built to serve residential communities, including those with gates, guards, and restricted areas. dwellingLIVE’s easy-to-use platform offers the necessary tools to keep both residents and guests safe, ensuring only those who belong in the community are given access.

Best For

Visitor management modernized

dwellingLIVE’s visitor management software is the premier solution for communities of any size that are looking for more control over who accesses and leaves their community. Best yet, the solution ensures easy access for residents and reduces wait times at the gate for visitors.

Continue operations without the internet

dwellingLIVE’s gate computers are configured to operate even if internet access is lost at the gatehouse. That means attendants can still access the database as it was at the moment of service loss. All transactions to and from the gate computer will immediately synchronize once service is restored.

Avoid phone calls and handwritten passes

Modernize your process for letting visitors into the community with dwellingLIVE. Residents can create and email temporary electronic QR code passes to their guests. This allows for easy entry into both attended or unattended gates, as guests simply scan their smartphones to gain access. At the gatehouse, guards can easily create and print passes complete with property directions.

Provide quicker access with advanced technology

dwellingLIVE integrates with license plate readers, providing even more efficiencies at the gatehouse. Returning guests are recognized by their license plates, providing them quick access without having a check-in. Don’t have LPR cameras? No problem! dwellingLIVE also integrates with driver’s license readers, which automatically store key information upon scanning the 2D bar code on the license.

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