What is VisitLog?

Visitlog is one of the best visitor management systems, already serving its clients all over the world for a long time. With this Visitor Management System, the customers are acknowledged with all the required information of the company and are allowed to register themselves which would print an identification badge enabling them to enter the company premises. With this system, the company can manage the visitor’s traffic effectively and can keep a record of each individual entering the premises. Visitlog Visitor Management System takes care of certain administrative tasks as well that will reduce the workload from receptionists allowing them to focus on other professional tasks.

Best For

  • Visitlog Visitor Management System is designed in such a way that it will streamline the process of maintaining the record of each visitor in a secured manner.
  • It is user-friendly as well as easily accessible.
  • Visitor Management Systems will able to expand as the company grows.
  • It works with all the standard products such as Scanners, Printers, Labels, and Badges.
  • Visitlog Visitor Management System comes along with the support team technicians that could resolve the queries immediately if faced by the clients.


Visitor Registration Software

  • Once the visitor arrives, Visitlog will provide all the information about how the Visitlog Registration Software works.
  • It will explain the registration process to the visitors and along with that, this software will also explain to the visitors about the Health and Safety measures that an individual has to keep in mind in case of any emergency while on the premises.
  • Once all the important information is read by the visitors, the system will print a badge as an identity of the visitor allowing them to enter the premises.

Print visitor badges

  • Visitlog Registration System has the feature of printing the company’s logo as well as visitor’s picture on the identity badge.
  • The printed identity badge will disclose information like identification numbers, barcode, visitor’s photo, and the company’s logo.
  • Visitor Registration Software will also keep a detailed record of visitors who will require extraordinary resources, for example, unlimited internet access.

Visitlog MobileApp

  • Evacuation List
    During the evacuation, the list can be emailed/printed.
    Also the possibility to check out visitors and call directly if anyone is missing.
  • Prebook
    Easily pre-book visitors wherever you are.
    Fast registration since the visitor’s information is already registered by the visitor recipient.
  • Logout
    Easily log out your visitor if your visitor for example is let out another way than through the main entrance.
  • Parking List
    Visitors can register their vehicles.
    The list can be used by the responsible parking guard or parking company.
  • SMS / messages
    Visitlog can send SMS / messages to inform the visitor recipient when their visitors arrived. The SMS /message is sent with an anonymous number. The recipient can answer the visitor directly.

Welcome Screen- Customize your Organization

  • All aspects of this Visitor Registration System could be customized and could mention the company’s identity on a badge through its logo or tagline.
  • Any logged-in or pre-booked visitor is listed on a screen at the reception.
  • The Visitor Registration Software’s screen could also be adjusted to fit the company’s colors and design.

Additional Features

  • Provides Wi-Fi access to visitors, if they require.
  • Email/SMS notifications to host informing about the arrival of the expected visitors.
  • Multiple languages support so that the visitor can connect well with the system and get all the required information in their language.
  • Shows the number of current guests on the premises.
  • Keeps a record of visitor’s check-in and check-out time.
  • All the visitor’s details and history could be accessed.
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office 360, Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft outlook, and Active Server Directory.

 Pricing Overview

VisitLog pricing starts at $1800.00 as a one-time payment. They do not have a free version.VisitLog offers a free trial

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