UK Turnstiles

What is UK Turnstiles

UK Turnstiles is a division of Vistec Systems Ltd which has been trading since 1992. UK Turnstiles offer a full range of quality turnstiles and entrance control solutions that are manufactured using high-quality processes and materials. Whether it’s aesthetically pleasing glass wing speed lanes, tripod pedestals, or full height twin turnstiles, UK Turnstiles have a product to fit all requirements and budgets.

The company offers more than just turnstiles; provides high-quality and reliable products as well as excellent customer service and after-sales support.  It has a selection of our products available to view in our demonstration suite located at our Gatwick-based head office. This enables you to experience the product range and features before purchasing.

Best for

  • Tripod
  • Speed Gate
  • Swing Gates
  • Full Height Turnstiles
  • Pedestrian Gate
  • Security Portal
  • Infection Control Systems


Speed Gate

The attractive and streamlined design of glass wing speed gates means they’re ideally suited to places that require more discreet security solutions such as the reception of a large office building.

Tripod turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are common due to the security they provide and their versatility. You’ll be used to seeing tripod turnstiles outside public paid toilets and in leisure centers.

Swing Gate Turnstiles

You’ll be familiar with swing gate turnstiles as they’re typically used to block unused shopping aisles to stop people from leaving without paying for their goods. They’re a low-cost turnstile solution and can easily be installed in a number of different settings.

Full Height Turnstiles

Of course, the ultimate in security is a full-height turnstile. The kind you see at a football ground and increasingly at high profile premises such as music venues. We offer both single or twin stainless-steel turnstiles, offering high protection against corrosion and adverse conditions.

Security Portal

Similar to full height turnstiles, security portals provide the highest level of security. They are increasingly used in the entrance of banks and high-end designer shops.

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