What is SV3 Visitor Management?

SV3 Visitor is a scalable cloud-based system for managing the scheduling, authorization, and access of all guests entering a building.  Easily customizable workflows accommodate each location’s specific needs while allowing flexibility across an enterprise. SV3 can satisfy all your visitor management requirements regardless of your organization’s size or complexity.

Best For

Customization & Workflows

SV3’s workflow-based platform allows you to make the customizations you need – by building, visitor type, entrance, tenant, or department. Show off your company with branded splash pages, HTML emails, and messaging. 

Security & Risk Mitigation

Pre-schedule known visitors, quickly process walk-ins, automate requests and notifications and have visitors sign NDAs and acknowledgments, creating an auditable track record for reporting and incident review.

Powerful Integrations

By leveraging our cloud connector, SV3 can seamlessly integrate into your existing systems; helping to increase efficiency and break down silos.  Popular integrations include access control systems, user identity, and Single Sign-On services.

Touchless Visitor Management

A touchless, zero-contact visitor management system that reduces crowding and long lines in the lobby. Pre-schedule visitors, sending all necessary forms they must fill prior to entry, straight to their handheld device. Upon arrival, a visitor can simply scan their invitation and walk into the building or floor with zero contact. Visitors who aren’t prescheduled can send in a request for a visit via a link on the homepage to start the touchless process.



SV3 is a cloud-based software that is easily deployed and accessed across an organization.

Preschedule Visitors

Easily preschedule visitors from your web browsers. Schedule one-time, multi-day, or recurring visits.

Branded Email Invites

Impress visitors with customized emails including images, videos, maps, and more.

QR Codes

QR Codes are emailed and texted for expedited check-in and can even be used to open turnstiles, elevators, and doors.

Schedule Via Email

Schedule guests by adding a building-specific email to your calendar invites. No need to log into the system.

Text Notifications

The text invites visitor arrival notifications and approves/denies notifications on walk-in visitors.

Kiosk Self-Check-In

Visitors can complete self-check-in with our Kiosk app; scan licenses, send approval notifications, and print badges.

NDAs & Questionnaires

Capture NDAs, acknowledgments, and questionnaires on the kiosk at check-in or send them in advance within email invites.

Custom Badges

Design your badges with colors, logos, pictures, and other important items like WiFi passwords and approved areas.

Employee Access

Employees can request a lost or forgotten badge replacement and managers can provide new employees a permanent access card.

Access Control Integration

SV3 integrates with industry-leading access control solutions to provide visitors and employees access credentials and mobile, paper, and hardened badges.

SSO & Active Directory

Integrate to SSO & AD/LDAP to expedite sign-in and automatically manage user accounts and profiles.

Multiple Visitor Types

Create multiple visitor types with specific access levels and check-in processes. Invite visitors by type and add an extra layer of security.


A multi-tenanted structure comes standard with SV3. Tenants (or departments) can have their own admins, users, branding, and email invites.

Watchlist/VIP List

Create multiple internal watchlists or VIP lists with their own chains of notifications. Internal watchlists, not enough? SV3 can integrate into third-party watchlists too.


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