EMS Space Management Software

What is EMS Space Management Software?

The EMS Space Management Software solutions manage, monitor, and control every aspect of meeting rooms, classrooms, gathering spaces, and office hoteling through a single platform. It serves over 8 million users per day at more than 2,000 organizations, providing the visibility, control, and insight that enterprises and universities need to increase productivity, reduce costs, attract and retain people, and differentiate their brand. The platform integrates with Microsoft Office, Google G Suite, and additional industry-standard and best-of-breed hardware and software solutions, including the Accruent maintenance management platform. EMS readily scales to support the needs of organizations, offering campus-wide scheduling, advanced meeting management features, self-service video conferencing, integration flexibility, configurable business rules, and comprehensive analytics.

Best For

  • Optimized Space Scheduling
  • Hardware-agnostic Platform
  • Advanced Meeting Management
  • Integrate with HVAC Systems


Flexible Integration:

Leverage links with industry-leading conference room hardware displays and room booking software solutions

Unified Scheduling: 

Manage across buildings and rooms

Hybrid Spaces:

Implement hoteling, hot-desking, and self-service booking for common areas

Advanced Meetings:

Link with maintenance, catering, and HVAC systems


  • Increase Productivity: Ensure space is ready at the right time for all stakeholders.
  • Reduce Costs: Optimize schedules to avoid the need for capital expansion.
  • Attract and Retain People: Create a flexible environment.
  • Differentiate Your Brand: Easily adopt modern designs for work and campus space.

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