What is SMS?

SMS is a fully digitalized, crime deterrent, secure, reliable, and highly effective to serve the purpose it is designed for. Replaces the outdated manual way of registering visitors. Keeps the safe holding of the records of all visitors in case of emergencies. Detects visitor’s anomalies, visitor’s information travels with them where they go, and they are no longer required to present identification each time they visit. Manual registration is most likely to contain wrong information, this is why SMS visitor is an effective tool to close such gap. Moreover, SMS by KeyTech counts for all the pending visitors inside the premises in case of an emergency evacuation.

SMS provides eco-friendly, environment-friendly, and error-free Smart Multi-Purpose Solutions. With our technology, you will have full control of the visitor screening process with the most accurate results. Our touch screen system makes it easier to use and accelerate the process of entering data. Pre-approved visitors can easily be accessed and searched through the system. Our software can also be customized to meet organizational requirements making it suitable for all industries. It can be used in commercial & residential buildings, hospitalities, industrial sites, embassies, consulates, hospitals, government entities, educational institutions, and at any place where complete security is needed.

Best For

SMS (Smart Multi-Purpose Solutions) is a complete security solution built based on existing problems organizations and security companies routinely face. It’s a centralized, integrated and robust solution. SMS uses cutting edge technology that enhances the standards of the security procedures & protocol, most importantly creates a channel of strong communications between administrators and field users, reduces administrative tasks by eliminating time-consuming and lack of consistency in manual procedures, SMS has contributed to a clean environment, SMS can be set up and fully operational within an hour, adding to that SMS will continue to develop.

  • One-time payment lifetime support

  • Multi-Solution Platform

  • Multi-language

  • Developed based on knowledge and existing security problems

  • Ensures the correct procedures followed

  • Logical processing

  • Designed to ask the right question

  • Manages occupancy

  • Robust security verification for lost items claimed

  • Authenticate individuals before releasing any facility keys

  • Accurate third party contractors attendance information

  • Counts for every vehicle enters your car-park

  • The quickest way to reach a person of interest

  • The most efficient way of group communication

  • Unlimited hardware integration ability

  • Prevent operator or user  error


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