What is Setster?

Setster’s scheduling platform employs a RESTful API that is easily deployed, secure, and highly scalable to meet enterprise needs. You can schedule thousands of appointments, remotely manage all of their parameters, track all user activity and plug Setster within your business workflow. In layman’s terms, with Setster, you can add massive scheduling capacity anywhere within your enterprise.

Best For

Become a Master of Data

Setster’s API supports the remote management of scheduling appointments and integrations with third-party workflows, all using an easily deployable engine.


Customize the user experience to match your requirements by building your own unique appointment booking functionality.

Remote Data Management

Create your own appointment management application using complex rules and simplified workflows.

Fast Deployment

Quickly and efficiently deploy a scheduling solution with limited development resources and multiple hosting options.


Defined Availability

Block time off and add holidays, while controlling availability for team members or type of appointment.

Advance Notice

Specify booking rules per type of appointment to allow for sufficient advance notice prior to booking.

Appointment Types

Allow appointments with a specific person, department, or conference room with their own rules and settings.

Multiple Locations

Work at different locations (geographical and virtual) and link your team members to each location and appointment type.

Padding & Prep Time

Eliminate back-to-back appointments with padding and add a buffer of time to prepare for the next appointment.

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