What is Perco

PERCo is a leading Russian manufacturer of security systems and equipment. The multilevel quality management system ensures thorough control through all the production stages and pre-sales service. All PERCo products are certified for compliance with applicable Russian and European CE standards.

PERCo is very particular about the effective performance of its products:

  • True to its customer-oriented strategy, PERCo always honors the warranty and post-warranty obligations throughout the product lifetime
  • Technical Support Department provides the customer with after-sales service, warranty repair, and comprehensive technical advice in English and Russian.

Best for

  • Turnstiles, gates, and railing systems
  • Electromechanical locks
  • IP-based entrance control systems
  • Access control systems


Proximity cards

EMM/HID and Mifare format cards used as IDs, including those with copy protection, remain one of the most popular solutions due to the affordable cost. However, this method is not safe in terms of virus transmission when cards are used on mass sites and could be hand over from user to user. But in the case with the company offices, where each employee has his own card, this method of identification does not threaten infection.

Mobile access

It is enough to send the generated ID to the system, which will be applied when the smartphone is presented to the reader when using identification by smartphone to grant access rights to an object. This method of identification allows to issue and cancel virtual passes remotely.

Access by barcode

Identification by barcode allows you to organize access to crowded places and is suitable for paid access systems, among other things.

Visitors of sports, entertainment, and cultural venues purchase tickets with a barcode that can be viewed on a smartphone and presented to a reader upon entry.

Face recognition

PERCo access control systems can also use facial recognition functions for identification. To do this, the turnstile stand is supplemented with a face recognition terminal mounted on a special bracket. The access control system server and the terminal communicate online.

The system allows you to quickly add employee and visitor data in order to use facial recognition as the main or additional identification method. Face recognition is performed automatically.

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