What is splan

Splan Visitor Management Manage visitor registrations and check-ins in an efficient and secured manner.

What makes us the #1 visitor management platform?



Pre-register visitors through our online web interface or mobile application. As soon as visitors are registered, the system will trigger the workflow to complete background checks and clearance against a watch list or identity database. Splan visitor management empowers employees to manage changes to visitor information or schedules without calling the front desk or waiting in line.


Splan provides an automated method of communication by sending SMS/email/automated phone call notifications to visitors/employees for sign-in/out. When a visitor signs in, Splan immediately notifies their host via email/SMS/automated phone call with visitor details. Notifications can also be sent to selected persons or all visitors in case of emergency. Notification templates are configurable to meet your company’s communication standards to notify users about visitor pre-registrations, sign-in/out, escort sign-in, and any exceptions.

Workflow and Approvals

With increasing security concerns, creating dependable workflows to approve visit requests can be challenging at times. Splan makes it easy to review visit requests at various stages with configurable workflows. Security teams can be notified when visitors are flagged with watchlist profile matches. Approvals can be configured at different stages of the visitor life cycle. Notifications for approvals and rejections can be easily configured.


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