What is Heras

Heras offers a choice of security turnstiles, full-height, half-height, or tripod turnstiles, and various operating modes from a simple key switch to an extensive access control system. High-security pedestrian turnstiles protect against theft and unlawful entry, while permitting safe, secure access control for commercial offices, industrial sites, event halls, and stadiums or temporarily at construction sites.

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Heras turnstiles achieve secure and reliable pedestrian control.

Heras secure turnstile gates are reliable and rugged so they operate automatically, continually, and seamlessly, where there is high and constant pedestrian flow at stadiums, to allow access to smaller numbers of approved personnel at high-security commercial offices. Entry can be operated manually, via chip and pin cards, or automatically where there is no supervision.


Sliding gates: fast and elegant

Our sliding gates are available in a variety of open widths, from 3 up to 38 meters, creating a safe passage for any vehicle. Whatever sliding gate you choose, we ensure it complies with uniform standards and transparent regulations to guarantee safety.

 Range of sliding gates

Port areas, commercial properties, and high-risk areas: we offer sliding gates for every environment and purpose. Heras sliding gates are available with both rail and cantilever systems. Cantilever sliding gates like the safeglide2 are exceptionally elegant and have no rail in the road in which dirt or snow can collect.

Swing gates

A Heras swing gate is an excellent way to control access, safely, into your site or building/s. By seamlessly integrating into the fenceline they are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional and robust. With uncompromising quality, sustainability, and attractive pricing our swing gates are designed and installed to meet your needs and expectations.


Hera offers reliable, controlled pedestrian access for commercial and industrial sites, and stadiums. Turnstiles are customizable and easy to install. Each turnstile gate can be tailored using a range of materials, colors, finishes, and coatings to match each customer’s individual security and operational requirements, and to blend with the site’s surroundings.

To make life easy for customers, Heras offers an end-to-end service, from project scoping to manufacturing and installation.


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