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What is EA- group

As a brand, EA Group has been synonymous over many years with the art of making an entrance. Combining advanced security integration, automation technology with the reliability of service, and quality of standards.

Supporting a wide range of products and services, EA Group is an established quality brand for the integration of security systems and entrance solutions.

Best for

EA Group now offers a special solution for authorizing access depending on a person’s state of health. More specifically such a system enables to limit of access of people with suspected disease symptoms such as a high temperature.

Our turnstiles and speed gates together with this special integrated authorization system perform facial identification and monitor body temperature. Such a solution can be widely used in public places like commercial offices, leisure facilities, schools, and manufacturing facilities, etc.



A revolving door, by design, provides energy efficiency with smoother people flow within a building.

Besides the environmental benefits that a revolving door can offer, they look impressive too in either two, three, or four-wing versions. Therefore they serve as a welcoming structure to a building, making for a stunning visual and an inviting impression. Furthermore, they allow people to pass both in and out of a building smoothly and efficiently.


EA Group offers a choice of sliding door operators for most commercial entrance solutions.


We supply, install and integrate inspiring Speed Gates with technology designed for access control and smooth people-flowing entrance solutions.


Turnstiles are a reliable access control solution for staff and visitors, ensuring only authorized users are allowed access to particular areas.

As turnstile manufacturers, we make entrance solutions that can work in all spaces. Scroll down to see our turnstile product range.


Security Systems including Access Control, Security Barriers, Automatic Gates, Security Bollards, and CCTV Systems are all expertly installed and supported by the EA team.


Access Control Systems from a simple small single door keypad or gate intercom, to the largest integrated multi-site Access Control systems.

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