What is Borer security

Borer delivers integrated security solutions that are scalable and can operate across multiple sites in different geographical localities. We combine our technologies, software, and products to provide a complete solution that works for you, at a reasonable cost.

Borer’s access control systems are flexible and fully scalable, suitable for any size organization. Our solutions are all integrated, offering a system that is centrally managed and works seamlessly for multi-site businesses with branches and offices distributed across a region or across the globe, using fingerprint access and card access.

Best for

  • Manage access for doors, turnstiles, elevators, car parks, and vehicles
  • Manage the system centrally or from multiple locations
  • Provide high-security access control with two-door interlocks and mantraps
  • Manage access profiles and permissions across many sites
  • Create temporary access privileges for visitors and contractors, automatically canceled at end of the visit
  • Monitor alarms and manage response proactively or reactively
  • Maintain a full audit trail of all access events at multiple sites


Access control

Design, manufacture, install and support flexible, scalable access control systems, suitable for any size organization, supporting multi-site businesses.

Fingerprint Biometrics

A simple and reliable way to verify a person’s identity. A fingerprint scanner captures the fingerprint and converts it into a template, protecting the original fingerprint image.

Smart Cards

Integrated access control system with high security individually programmed smart cards to manage who gains access to pre-defined areas and restrict movement around buildings.

CCTV Integration

CCTV cameras and recorders linked to graphical floor plans which drill down from global to country, city, building, room, and door, with every event monitored, alarmed, and recorded.

Visitor Management

Reduce visitor registration time and lobby congestion by pre-registering visitors and producing ID cards.

ID Badge Design & Print

Branded identity cards, with photos, designed, printed, and programmed using a central networked database across multi-site organizations.

Two Door Interlock/Mantrap

Two-door airlock/interlock with optional people counter and biometric access control –  regulates traffic, controls dust, temperature, and pressure.

POE Turnstiles

PoE power Access Control Turnstiles controlling Entry and Exit, fitted with the card, pin, and/or biometric fingerprint readers.

Building Alarm Monitoring

Monitors Door Contacts, PIR’s, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors for a single building to multiple buildings across enterprise organizations.

Fire System Integration

Enables the automatic release of selected doors in the event of an emergency or site evacuation.

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