What is Autonix?

Autonix is a robust visitor management solution making things like contact tracing, location check-ins, or simple security easy to implement. Autonix makes it simple to implement visitor management solutions for your office workplace, from signup to the setup we made adding a robust visitor management solution simple for you to implement. Autonix will provide you with a QR Code, a URL, and/or a unique SMS number. Present these to Visitors on signage, in menus, event ticketing, etc.

Best For

Contactless visitor management for a variety of uses. Autonix was built as an easy-to-implement, visitor-friendly, customer-flexible contactless check-in solution for a variety of applications.


Simple contact tracing solution to notify opt-in visitors that they’ve been exposed to a known individual with coronavirus during a certain time frame.


Use Autonix for everything from host-stand check-ins, waitlists, promos, or to build custom loyalty programs. Develop insight into peak/lull times.

Real Estate Sales

Build per-property prospect lists by requiring people to check in during open-houses or unmanned information signs outside.

Building Management

Digitally track time-in and time-out for all visitors and residents to a building or other secured location with managed, kiosk, or contactless options.

Large Events/Conferences

Service thousands of visitors in a short period of time with an easy-to-use check-in system. Identify power visitors to curate future events accordingly.

Security & Local Government

Catalog visitors, durations, and frequencies across various functions with simple, flexible, and exportable search and reporting systems.

Remote Shift Workers

Allow trusted remote workers to check in via text while they are on and off the job using simple SMS keywords to a dedicated number.

Your Business

Autonix was built without any industry in mind, a fully flexible visitor management platform giving insight into all kinds of businesses with endless use cases.


Contactless Check-in/out

Utilize either QR or SMS to allow all building entrants to check-in. Guests will be asked to provide info. Employees/residents will automatically be recognized. Check-out is just as simple by QR or SMS to capture time on site.

Information on Check-in

Append post-check-in instructions such as the WiFi code, daily updates, or link out to other important building information.

Monitor Visitor Activity

Use in-depth dashboards to monitor check-in by day, time. Spot trends, peaks, frequent guests, and more with our tools. Export raw data on demand.

Remarket To Attendees

Utilize event information in future 1st party lists to capture interest and drive attendance to future events. The visitor information is yours to use.

On-Demand Listing Info

Provide post-check-in information such as basic listing details and links to more information.

Improve Workflows

Utilize data to find better workflows or over/under-attended access points across your organization. Create a per-worker history for reviews.

Pricing Overview

Autonix pricing starts at $29.00 as a flat rate, per month. There is a free version. Autonix offers a free trial.

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