ADDA GateKeeper

What is ADDA GateKeeper?

ADDA GateKeeper is an App-based Security Management System for Apartments & Housing Societies. The apartment security management app helps secure your home, family, and community. ADDA visitor management system keeps track of visitors coming to your home and prevent unwanted visitors to enter, from anywhere you are. The historical record of all visitors to your flat is available at your fingertips.

Best For


Worry less about the Security of your Home and Loved Ones.

  • Validate Visitors right from your Mobile Phone, even if Intercom is down!
  • Get real-time notifications on visitors coming to your home
  • Get immediate help during emergencies from Security Guards, Neighbors
  • Staff attendance management (Cook, Maid, Nanny, Driver)
  • Make visitors welcome, by entering them as Expected Visitors

Apartment Owners Association, Society Management Office, Management Committee

Can bring to Life, the vision of your Gated Community Security.

  • With this Apartment Security App, monitor security processes from anywhere, anytime
  • Get visibility into security processes and optimize security costs
  • Prevent pilferage of inventory, goods, water, diesel through accurate data capture at the security gate

Security Guards

Gets Equipped to better Ensure the Security & Safety of your Community.

  • Replace all your manual registers at the gate with a Tablet/Phone – ADDA GateKeeper App
  • Ability to stop impostors trying to enter your Apartment Complex
  • Ability to verify contact details of visitors, capture photos, monitor overstay
  • Ability to stop blacklisted staff from entering
  • Faster check-ins get rid of queues at the security gate


Domestic Staff Management System

To know whether your Cook/Maid/Driver has come to your complex, all you need to do is check your Visitor Management App.

Be in the know of other apartments your domestic help is working in and other information like their bank details, for making online salary payment.

Call for Immediate Assistance from Neighbors, Guards

Though inside the gates of your residential complex, there can be several occasions where you might need immediate help. It may be an unwanted person trying to enter your flat, it may be a burglary you witness or a medical emergency at home.

The Panic Alert feature, with a single button press, guarantees swift emergency assistance from the people who are the nearest, Neighbors & Security Guards.

Staff Gift-Pass

With this Security Management App, residents can now send an online note to the security guard, when they give material goods or cash to their staff (maid/cook/driver, etc.).

This helps the security guards verify the items being carried out by them and Residents to maintain a record.

You can also attach a photo of the item given to your staff for the guards to perform a visual check during staff checkout.

Mobile Intercom

When a visitor comes to your apartment, the best person to authorize his/her entry is the person who is at home. This maybe your homemaker or aged parents (there is no need for a smartphone for availing this feature).

ADDA Gatekeeper provides a smart way to provide an At-Home number to the security guards to call and authenticate visitor entry.

Staff List & Reviews

Next time your maid/nanny/cook leaves for some reason, worry not. You can quickly look for a replacement through ADDA.

Moreover, you can make an informed decision, as ADDA now shows a list of all domestic staff working in your community, along with reviews gathered from your neighbors.

Expected Visitors

Make your guests feel welcome by pre-authorizing their entry to your apartment. Guests will get notifications, complete with a map location of the complex and your flat number. This notification will be used at the gate to provide a seamless entry to guests.

The notification can be of two types – A Quick Response code valid for the selected multiple dates (can be reused as per the allowed dates) and as an SMS verification.

Pricing Overview

ADDA pricing starts at $2.00 per month, per user. They do not have a free version.ADDA offers a free trial.

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