MSL Facility Management

What is MSL

MSL is a facilities management company offering a competitively priced, comprehensive service including a 24/7 helpdesk, planned and reactive maintenance as well as a powerful suite of management reporting tools that will help you run your facility safely and effectively.

With so many facilities management companies to choose from, entrusting the management and delivery of a number of core facilities services to one partner requires confidence in that partner to have the capability and proven experience to deliver.

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MSL maintenance services consist of a range of reactive, planned, and compliance maintenance services. We’re there to fix things that go wrong unexpectedly and to schedule and deliver your year-round planned and compliance property maintenance.

Energy & Lighting

We have experience in the design, supply, and installation of new energy-saving lighting systems in commercial, industrial, retail, and many other sectors. We can also upgrade your existing lighting system giving you a more efficient energy lighting solution.


A clean environment makes for a happier and more productive workplace not to mention providing an enhanced showcase for your business. Our hygiene and cleaning services are tailored to each individual client’s requirements to ensure a thorough job is always completed.


A good security system brings with it a huge number of business benefits, and will more than pay for itself. It doesn’t have to cost the earth – whereas a poor system or no system at all could cost you your business.


MSL offers a significant range of maintenance and energy-saving services through its own in-house team and its major Safepartner who have the specialist expertise to design and deliver first-class electrical systems, networks, fire, and lighting solutions, and heating and ventilation systems.


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