What is FastLane Security

Fastlane security turnstiles satisfy every one of your demands. Our highly effective technology and beautiful design grants authorized users to access in under a second, improves acceptance amongst users, and reduces false alarms.

Best for

Fastlane security turnstiles have been at the forefront of entrance control innovation, combining the latest technology with unsurpassed design.

Combining Elegance & Intelligence

Working closely with architects over the past 30 years, we understand the positive impact of great design. We place the utmost importance on aesthetics, ensuring that our products complement the environments they are protecting.

We created an Architect Lookbook featuring inspirational images of corporate entrance control installations, demonstrating how you can strike the right balance between making a good first impression with visitors and staff, whilst also ensuring an organization’s security responsibilities are met.

Fastlane Connect

Ensuring that users aren’t inconvenienced by entrance controls, it is important to continually monitor their efficiency, but how is this achieved in a cost-effective and reliable way? Introducing Fastlane Connect, a web-based portal that offers a fast and secure way to monitor and manage entrance control operation remotely, whether this is onsite or from any location globally.


Speed gates

Fastlane Speedgates offers a sleek and stylish choice when you need to balance security requirements with aesthetic desires. With highly reflective surfaces of glass and steel creating a well-proportioned look that is professional and modern, they fit perfectly in visitor receptions, lift lobbies, and VIP areas of some of the World’s most iconic buildings.

Fastlane Plus

The Fastlane Plus Barrier Arm provides an entrance control solution for environments such as reception areas or lift lobbies, where space is limited but effective access control is still required.

Entrance Gate

The Fastlane Entrance Gate range offers the Intelligent as a unique dual barrier with optical monitoring between the pedestals, to detect and report unauthorized access. Also in the range, Fastlane Passgates is based on Intelligent models without optical monitoring.


A state-of-the-art‘ optical turnstile’, which replaces the need for an obtrusive physical barrier by utilizing active infra-red beams to create an invisible electronic field between two pedestals, monitoring the passage of every individual entering and leaving a facility.

Door Detective

Our Door Detective range provides a secure solution for any building facility such as sensitive data storage, laboratories, or executive floor so you can be confident that only authorized visits are being made to these areas.

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